Drunk Biker Bleeds from Mouth After Causing Accident in Philippines

Video from the City of Lucena in the province of Quezon, Philippines shows the aftermath of a traffic accident caused by a drunk motorcyclist. The biker is shown in the video bleeding from the mouth. He crashed into a trike mototaxi and seriously injured the driver. Exclusive video filmed by Best Gore member MissEve.

Drunken Motorcycle Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Brazil

CCTV video from Brazil shows a drunk motorcyclist without a helmet rear end a parked car. The fuck somehow survives as does his vehicle, so he mounts it again and rides away, leaving the scene with the damaged car behind. I wonder if he even remembers he pulled a hit and run after getting wasted.

Impaired Septic Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Holmen, Wisconsin

CCTV video released by the Holmen Police Department shows the fatal crash involving a suspected impaired septic truck driver. The incident happened on August 7, 2017 in Holmen, Wisconsin.

Drunk Driver Loses Control While His Girlfriend Streams It on Periscope

Two people have died in Espoo. The passenger car had come from the center of Espoo and got out of the way. A man carrying a car and a woman on a ride were found dead in the car. The accident happened at Finnoontie. The road section had a speed limit of 60 kilograms. – … Continue reading “Drunk Driver Loses Control While His Girlfriend Streams It on Periscope”

Driver Films Drunk Biker Crashing into Oncoming Truck

Video apparently filmed by a driver in Cambodia shows a drunk motorcyclist riding all over the road, and eventually crashing into an oncoming truck. His helmet wasn’t properly secured so it flew off his head, and he lost quite a bit of blood shortly after the impact.