Man Rides Up to Fatal Car Crash in the Bronx, Demonstrates His Rich Vocabulary

What is it with the Americans? Virtually every video filmed by a yank sounds as if a kindergarten retard filmed it. The richness of the American vocabulary seems to be limited to “Ob my gawd, oh my gawd…” Somebody should teach these idiots a language.

Impaired Septic Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Holmen, Wisconsin

CCTV video released by the Holmen Police Department shows the fatal crash involving a suspected impaired septic truck driver. The incident happened on August 7, 2017 in Holmen, Wisconsin.

Accident Victim with Splattered Head Loaded on Stretcher in Indonesia

Video apparently from Indonesia shows a victim of a traffic accident being loaded on a stretcher. The victim appears to have the head completely splattered.

Three Women Die in Car Accident Caused by Them Taking Selfies

The death of three women in the BR-153 near the city of Gurupi, in the interior of Tocantins, gained a new fact: a video circulates in the social networks with the three victims, minutes before the death. The information is from the portal Gilberto Silva. In the video appear the women LĂ©lia Neves, driver of … Continue reading “Three Women Die in Car Accident Caused by Them Taking Selfies”

Chinese Driver Forces Trucker to Swerve, Causing One Death and Multiple Vehicle Crash

CCTV video from China shows a car driver cut across multiple lanes, forcing a trucker to swerve. The swerve causes the truck to collide with another truck and overturn, crushing the car driver who died.

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Dharan, Nepal

Video from the city of Dharan in Nepal shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which a motorcyclist died with his head split open and brain matter leaked.