Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Motorcyclist Crushed with Guts and Heart Out

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a motorcyclist was run over and crushed in such a way, that left him with pelvis broken, guts squeezed and heart ripped out.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Muara Fajar, Indonesia

Muara Fajar is one of the villages in Rumbai District, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. The accident involved a Toyota Innova. Google translate: Innova car parallel to truck, innova precedes truck car at speeds of more or less 90km / hr And bowed with the bus in front of the same speed Innova was slammed stir to … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Muara Fajar, Indonesia”

Hard Impact as Car Cuts Off Motorcyclist – Policeman and Ambulance Already at Scene

CCTV video apparently from Indonesia shows the moment a car cut off a speeding motorcyclist, causing a hard collision. But just as the impact happened, an ambulance was passing by the same intersection, and a policeman was in the corner shop. Great timing.

CCTV of Motorcyclist Getting Fatally Hit by Train on Double Crossing

CCTV video from undisclosed location, but could be China, shows a motorcyclist getting fatally hit by a fast train on a double-track crossing, because he only waited for a train to pass in one direction, but did not check if there was another one coming in the opposite direction.

Chinese Motorcyclist with Head Destroyed by Truck

Video from China shows the aftermath of a fatal accident, in which a motorcyclist died after a truck struck him down and destroyed his head by running it over.