Female Driver Proceeds to Run Over Gas Station Worker from Standing Still

CCTV video presumably from India shows a female driver showing why the stereotype exist. Just as you stared t think female drivers couldn’t get any dumber, this one runs over a gas station worker after standing still and having that worker in front of her for a while.

Two Skanky Ukrainian Women Film Themselves Fatally Crashing BMW

Video from Ukraine shows two skanky women partying and possibly also drinking while driving when the predictably happens. The two reportedly hit a lamp post and bounced into a tree. One died instantly, the other on the way to hospital. You can tell they paid for the BMW with blowjobs.

Bus Rolls Backward Three Blocks in Brooklyn Because Female Driver Left it in Neutral

A female driver identified as Shatima Simmons left the city bus in neutral on a sloped road in Brooklyn, causing it to roll backward, clipping a pedestrian, several parked cars and a church.

Cyclist Rammed by Female Driver Because He Told Her to Stop Using Phone While Driving

Female driver was endangering traffic by texting while driving, and was asked by a cyclist to quit texting. She responded by deliberately ramming the cyclist, causing him multiple fractures. This happened in London, UK.

Female Driver Hits Family Waiting to Cross Road in Pune, India

A female driver struck a family waiting on the divider to cross the road. A year old girl and her mother died. Three others are in critical condition. The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened in Pune, India.

Russian Female Driver Slams Gas Instead of Brake Pedal

Dashcam video from Vladivostok in Russia shows a female driver slam the gas pedal instead of brake, but somehow end up on the right road without hitting or getting hit by other cars. Blame patriarchy for inventing cars that have both gas and brake pedals.