Brazilian Female Thief Punished by Having Her Hand Shot with Gun

Video from Brazil shows a female thief being punished by having her hand shot at with a gun. This is the first time we see a woman being punished this way, after seeing countless videos of men taking this type of punishment.

CCTV of Machete Assault on Pharmacist in Zefta, Egypt

CCTV video from a pharmacy in Zefta, Egypt shows a group of thugs assault the pharmacist with machetes, and ransack his business. One also sported a shotgun, but it looks like they just wanted to scare him, and not kill him.

Fingers Require Medical Attention After Being Bitten During Fight

Best Gore member sent in an exclusive video of his hand after being bitten during a fight. He was forced to seek medical attention and got metal inserted into one of the finger that had its bone crushed, and the wounds stitched up.