ISIS Execute Prisoner with Anti Aircraft Gun

Video released by Mossad shows ISIS mujaheddin executing a prisoner with an anti aircraft weapon. Head obliterated.

Accident Victim with Splattered Head Loaded on Stretcher in Indonesia

Video apparently from Indonesia shows a victim of a traffic accident being loaded on a stretcher. The victim appears to have the head completely splattered.

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Dharan, Nepal

Video from the city of Dharan in Nepal shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which a motorcyclist died with his head split open and brain matter leaked.

Female Motorcyclist Crashes with Bicyclist, Truck Runs Over Her Head

Video from Brazil shows the aftermath of a traffic accident, in which a female motorcyclist crashed with a bicyclist and had her head subsequently run over by a truck.

Taxi Operator Left with Brain Injuries After Thug Split Open His Head with Iron Bar

A taxi switchboard operator and driver were attacked by a thug armed with an iron bar at a taxi firm Ace Budget Cars in Thornton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. Father-of-two Abbas Yasin suffered cracked skull and brain injury from a blow to the head.

Man Shot in Head with Shotgun in Florianopolis, Brazil

Video from Florianopolis in Santa Catarina, Brazil shows a man being executed in cold blood with a shotgun by his captors. The blast popped his skull open.

ISIS Commander Crucified and Executed by Army of Islam in Syria

“The Legend” Abu Ali Khuba Masluba attributed to Abu Ali Khabih the greatest credit in the liberation of the city of Douma A few days ago, Jaish al-Islam executed Majid Khayba, known as Abu Ali Khbayeh, with a shot in the head, along with four members of the Army of the Nation. Abu Ali’s crucifixion, … Continue reading “ISIS Commander Crucified and Executed by Army of Islam in Syria”