Bizarre Motorcycle Accident Caught on Dashcam

I don’t know where the video is from, but could be from Indonesia. The dashcam footage shows a rather bizarre motorcycle accident. The family on the bike rode straight, when suddenly the woman got torn off her seat and slammed on the road. Did her dress get caught in the chain, perhaps?

Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia

Deadly accidents occur on national roads Medan – Sidikalang Precisely at Tanjung Beringin, SUMBUL, Dairi. Car entourage of family plunged into the pool. As a result, nine passengers died on the spot, three lucky people survived. Police numbers BK1568KM Avanza car driven Lamsir Banjarnahor (32) resident of village Martudu, District Bakti king, Humbang Hasundutan. Plunge … Continue reading “Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia”

Aftermath of Brain Spilling Motorcycle Accident in Indonesia

Video believed to be form Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident in which the biker lost his brain.