Aftermath of Fatal Road Accident in Banasare, East Java, Indonesia

Video from the village of Banasare in East Java, Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. The victim gets picked up and his brain matter falls out of the cracked skull. A responder accidentally steps on it.

Motorcyclist Brutally Flattened on the Road

Video form Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident whereby a motorcyclist was flattened on the road by a truck. The cameraman royally fucked up nice gory footage with his stupid finger n front of the lens. Must be an Iphone owner, which is synonymous with “retard“.

Guy Accidentally Snaps a Kid’s Neck

CCTV video from an internet cafe in Indonesia shows a kid playing DOTA being approached by a guy, who jokingly snaps his neck, but manages to snap it too much, killing the kid. I’m having a seriously hard time accepting this video as real. It screams fugazi at me from all over. What do you … Continue reading “Guy Accidentally Snaps a Kid’s Neck”