ISIS Video Showing POV Assassinations and Two Executions

Video released by ISIS shows the POV of mujaheddin assassinating people with silenced weapons. At the end, two men are executed, one by beheading.

Execution of Iraqi General by ISIS

Video released by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) shows the mujaheddin executing multiple men – one by beheading, and an Iraqi general is shown being executed with a volley of gunfire.

Beheading of Two Elderly Men with Sword by ISIS

Video released by ISIS shows two elderly men being beheaded by sword. The moment of beheading is cut off, as is typical of ISIS, but a face of one of the severed heads is shown after decapitation, and its features move.

Military Responds to Suicide Attack At Hospital In Kabul, Afghanistan

According to Afghan officials, at least 30 people were killed by gunmen dressed as doctors when they stormed a military hospital in Kabul. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Each Lesson Considerable 2 – ISIS Video Featuring Execution by Gun

Video released by ISIS media wing Wilayat Halab group is title “Each Lesson Considerable 2” and featured the execution of a captured man with a gunshot to the head.

Donald Trump Wants to Censor Internet, Calls Supporters of Free Speech Foolish

The staunch enemy of free speech Donald Trump hates the idea of informed citizenry and wants to censor the internet. He wraps it up in a noble cause of preventing ISIS from recruiting people, but he makes no attempt to hide that he supports internet censorship taken to the next level – by shutting down … Continue reading “Donald Trump Wants to Censor Internet, Calls Supporters of Free Speech Foolish”