MOAB Attack on Afghanistan Ordered by Dear Leader to Regain Control of Opium Trade

Dear Leader ordered the bombing of a tunnel built by the CIA in Afghanistan with a Mother of All Bombs. This happened in Achin District, which according to wikipedia is the largest poppy producing area in the region.

The Secret of the Hypocrites – Three Men Executed by Boko Haram

Video titled “The Secret of the Hypocrites” released by Boko Haram shows the mujaheddin executing three alleged government spies – one by beheading, two by shot in the head.

Palestinian Freedom Fighter Rams Group of Jewish Terrorists with Truck, Killing Four

CCTV video from Armon Hanetziv area in East Jerusalem shows a Palestinian freedom fighter ramming a group of Jewish terrorists occupying his land with a truck, killing four of them, and injuring more than a dozen. The freedom fighter was later killed by the terrorists.