African Women Fight Over Guy in Miami, One Loses Leg

Two African American women had a fight over a guy in Miami, Florida on Valentine’s day, and one end up running the other one’s leg over. Ashley Weatherspoon was taken to the hospital, but lost her leg. Kasheena Mordica is being charged with second-degree attempted murder and with leaving the scene of an accident.

Woman Crashes Motorcycle, Suffers Serious Road Rash on Leg

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of an accident involving a motorcycle. The woman crashed and scraped parts of her leg and foot. A child shown later in the video has similar injuries – presumably he was riding with her?

Young Couple Run Over by Truck in Argentina

This happened on Sunday, January 29. According to the version I have, the boy traveled with his friend from Machagai to Quitilipi, 20 Kilometers away, to see the comparsa, with the bike he took the father away without his knowing. Later, when entering the route to return to Machagai they did not notice that a … Continue reading “Young Couple Run Over by Truck in Argentina”

Motorcycle Accident with Aftermath Showing Compound Fracture and Dislocation of Ankle

Helmet cam video shows the motorcycle accident in which a pair on a bike was cut off by a car. The video also shows the aftermath involving the compound fracture and dislocation of the woman’s ankle.