Motorcyclist Collides with Train in Indonesia, Loses Leg

Has been an accident between motorcyclists by train at railway crossing in Kebayoran old area of south jakarta Skitar At 10 30 WIB 17 August 2017. The victim was taken to the nearest hospital. This is the appearance of a hit motorcycle railway along with his victim. Google translate ^^

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Cianjur, Indonesia, Caused by Failed Brakes on Truck

10 people died in a deadly accident on Cianjur – Sukabumi highway, Bangbajang village, Gekbrong district, Cianjur regency, Saturday (07/30/2016), at 09:00 pm. The chronology of the deadly accident began when a B 9479 GDA nopol truck that came from Sukabumi direction to Cianjur, when the road went straight and down, the truck was allegedly … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Cianjur, Indonesia, Caused by Failed Brakes on Truck”

Nigerian Man Living in Asia Turns to Facebook to Cry Out for Help After Accident

A Nigerian man who calls himself PC Lapez and who lives in Asia had an accident. With his leg broken, he took out his phone and streamed the video on Facebook Live to seek help.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident on Road Between Asansol and Dhanbad in India

Video from India shows the aftermath of a fatal accident on the road between Asansol and Dhanbad. In the video, one youth is shown in road rash on legs, while another is dead with skull split open and bran matter removed.