Guy Livestreaming Video from Mexico Freaks Out When Girl Flashes Her Tits

This guy is in Mexico and is livestreaming his adventures from there. He asked a girl where good bars are, and while streaming his video, she flashed her little titties for the camera and the stupid fag just freaked right out.

Three Lives Lost in Accident at Tengpora Bypass, India, Passengers Stream Crash Live on Facebook

Small dishonesty in driving can have major risks. Even if the driver’s attention is drawn from other traveler’s passengers, it can cause great hazards. One such accident happened yesterday in Srinagar. Fourteen people maruti 800 were traveling in front of the front seat and live on Facebook live. The video is the first live live … Continue reading “Three Lives Lost in Accident at Tengpora Bypass, India, Passengers Stream Crash Live on Facebook”

Girl Keeps Streaming Live After Killing Sister in Car Crash North of Los Banos

A pair of vaginas was driving a vehicle and streaming their adventure live on the internet. Predictable happened, car is not a frying pan, bitches crashed, and one died with her head split open, Meanwhile her sister continued to stream the death of her sibglinged vagina.

Nigerian Man Living in Asia Turns to Facebook to Cry Out for Help After Accident

A Nigerian man who calls himself PC Lapez and who lives in Asia had an accident. With his leg broken, he took out his phone and streamed the video on Facebook Live to seek help.

Two Skanky Ukrainian Women Film Themselves Fatally Crashing BMW

Video from Ukraine shows two skanky women partying and possibly also drinking while driving when the predictably happens. The two reportedly hit a lamp post and bounced into a tree. One died instantly, the other on the way to hospital. You can tell they paid for the BMW with blowjobs.

Drunk Driver Loses Control While His Girlfriend Streams It on Periscope

Two people have died in Espoo. The passenger car had come from the center of Espoo and got out of the way. A man carrying a car and a woman on a ride were found dead in the car. The accident happened at Finnoontie. The road section had a speed limit of 60 kilograms. – … Continue reading “Drunk Driver Loses Control While His Girlfriend Streams It on Periscope”

Video Wuttisan Wongtalay Livestreamed on Facebook of Killing His Daughter and Himself

Here’s the video Wuttisan Wongtalay of Phuket in Thailand livestreamed on Facebook, showing him killing his 11 months old daughter and then himself, because his partner was a cheating whore.

Aftermath of Man Hanging His Little Daughter and Himself in Thailand

20 year old Wuttisan Wongtalay, of Phuket, Thailand, killed his 11 months old daughter and then himself after he found out that his partner 21 year old Jiranuch Trirat was cheating on him. He livestreamed the killings on Facebok. Here’s the aftermath video of the murder suicide.