CCTV of Gang Hacking and Clubbing Death Councillor Laxmidutta Pradhan in Chatrapur, India

Laxmidutta Pradhan aka Bachana, the Councillor for ward six in Chhatrapur, Ganjam district, Odisha state, India was hacked and clubbed to death by a gang of unidentified killers. Councillors’s brother was also reportedly critically injured in the attack.

Guy with Machete Provokes Fight Against Guy with Stick But Loses After Blow to Head

A fight involving a machete? I once again guess this is Dominican Republic. The video shows a guy with the machete provoke a fight. A guy with a stick eventually takes him on and end up winning after a blow to the head.

Machete Attack Victim Dies with Head Hanging Off Curb

I don’t know for sure where this video is from, but my guess is Republica Dominicana. It shows the aftermath of a machete attack that left a man dead on the sidewalk with his head dangling off the curb.

Vicious Meat Cleaver Hack Job on Street in Guangdong, China

This scene occurred at about 5 pm yesterday, in Guangzhou Baiyun District Longguo subway station near the export of B1. Guangzhou police in yesterday evening notice, in the Longgui subway station exports, the occurrence of a single knife wounding incident. Video can see a man, hand chopper constantly cut to the next woman, until the … Continue reading “Vicious Meat Cleaver Hack Job on Street in Guangdong, China”