AIADMK Party Leader Brutally Murdered in Tamil Nadu, India

The gang not bothered by the presence of the public yanked V Kanakaraj from his bike and brutally hacked him to death. All three killers then went straight to the Tiruvannamalai Town police station with the machetes dripping with blood and turned themselves in. Mr. Kanakaraj was the leader of AIADMK Party in Tamil Nadu, … Continue reading “AIADMK Party Leader Brutally Murdered in Tamil Nadu, India”

Young Man Has Throat Slashed with Machete by Friend in Colombia

Google translate: In the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, a fight between two friends of 17 and 16 years appears apparently by a cap. In the middle of the discussion one of them unzips a machete and causes a wound in the neck to the other, that minutes later would die bled.