The Secret of the Hypocrites – Three Men Executed by Boko Haram

Video titled “The Secret of the Hypocrites” released by Boko Haram shows the mujaheddin executing three alleged government spies – one by beheading, two by shot in the head.

Four Men Executed by ISIS Child Soldiers

Video released by ISIS depicts the executions of four men by child soldiers. First two are executed by Arabic speaking children, the other two by Russian speaking ones.

ISIS Video Depicting Beheadings and Execution with Artillery Gun

Newly released ISIS video depicts the mujaheddin beheading several people, and in the end, executing a captive with an artillery gun. The video also contains flashbacks of previous beheadings.

ISIS Video from Mosul in Iraq – Deterring the Hired 2

ISIS has released a video from Mosul, Iraq titled “Deterring the Hired 2“. It depicts three sets of executions. Two are of alleged graffiti artists, and the last one is of alleged spies.

Three Groups of People Beheaded or Executed by ISIS and Child Soldiers

Islamic State video showing them executing several Iraqi “spies” in Wilayat Ninawa. Video includes multiple beheadings by sword, shooting executions of a few prisoners, some by children, and beheading and shooting execution the latter again involving a child soldier.

Spy Beheaded by ISIS After Failed Machine Gun Execution

In a new video purportedly issued by the Islamic State, Daesh terrorists carry out the brutal execution of a man in “Wilayat Halab.” In the video, the bloodthirsty terrorists film themselves executing an alleged spy in Syria’s Aleppo province by a machine gun and then behead him.

Slaughterhouse Style Mass Killings by the Islamic State

Islamic State has released a video depicting the killings of multiple young men by beheading in a slaughterhouse. After having their throats slashed, victims were houses on hooks head down.