CCTV Video of Collision Between Motorcyclist and Truck in Campos Novos, Brazil

One-store security cameras caught the exact moment a motorcyclist collided in the back of a truck late Thursday (5) in the center of Campos Novos. The accident was recorded around 13:16 at the crossroads of Benjamin Constant and Nereu Ramos Streets. The image shows that the boy, who was in the preferred, could not hold … Continue reading “CCTV Video of Collision Between Motorcyclist and Truck in Campos Novos, Brazil”

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Motorcyclist Crushed with Guts and Heart Out

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a motorcyclist was run over and crushed in such a way, that left him with pelvis broken, guts squeezed and heart ripped out.

Two Dumbasses on Motorcycle Provide Entertainment for Cameraman with Hearty Laugh

I suspect this could be Brazil (not sure). The video shows two people on a motorcycle and the rider revs it like he means it, only to fuck up and provide entertainment for the cameraman who just can’t hold the laughter back.

Drunk Biker Bleeds from Mouth After Causing Accident in Philippines

Video from the City of Lucena in the province of Quezon, Philippines shows the aftermath of a traffic accident caused by a drunk motorcyclist. The biker is shown in the video bleeding from the mouth. He crashed into a trike mototaxi and seriously injured the driver. Exclusive video filmed by Best Gore member MissEve.

Hard Impact as Car Cuts Off Motorcyclist – Policeman and Ambulance Already at Scene

CCTV video apparently from Indonesia shows the moment a car cut off a speeding motorcyclist, causing a hard collision. But just as the impact happened, an ambulance was passing by the same intersection, and a policeman was in the corner shop. Great timing.

One of Two People on Motorcycle Destroyed by Truck, Other Avoids Death

Video from China shows a couple on motorcycle get knocked down by a truck. One gets run over and destroyed, the other narrowly avoids death. The video consists of the CCTV footage of how it happened as a well as a bit of an aftermath.