Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Barranquilla, Colombia

Video from Barranquilla in Colombia shows the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident. A middle aged couple appears to have crashed. The woman died twisted out of shape and with head cracked.The man appears to be alive in the ditch.

Motorcycle Accident in Manila, Philippines Leaves Man with Balls Ripped Out

Video from Manila in the Philippines shows the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcycle. A few people were injured, but the most remarkable one is the young guy with ball sack ripped open and bloody balls dangling off it.

Woman Crashes Motorcycle, Suffers Serious Road Rash on Leg

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of an accident involving a motorcycle. The woman crashed and scraped parts of her leg and foot. A child shown later in the video has similar injuries – presumably he was riding with her?