Man Filming Speech of Preacher Catches Motorcycle Accident

Video from Itaituba in Pará, Brazil contains random footage of traffic outdoors, as speech of a preacher is being recorded, but then by chance, the cameraman was turned just in the direction of an incoming motorcycle crash. He twitched when crash happened.

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Dharan, Nepal

Video from the city of Dharan in Nepal shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which a motorcyclist died with his head split open and brain matter leaked.

Biker Crossing Road Gets Hit and Forces Car Into Ditch

CCTV video from undisclosed location shows a biker recklessly cross the road while a car is passing. The biker ends up getting hit by the car, but the impact forces the car into a ditch. I like the Four Seasons by Vivaldi playing in the background.

Biker Dies in Crash with Bus on Torquato Tapajós Avenue in Manaus, Brazil

An unidentified motorcyclist died Sunday morning (27), after colliding with a bus on line 448, at Avenida Torquato Tapajós, Flores neighborhood, Central-South Zone of Manaus. According to information from the Fire Department, the accident happened around 6:20 am, in front of an ice factory. The victim would have lost control of the vehicle and invaded … Continue reading “Biker Dies in Crash with Bus on Torquato Tapajós Avenue in Manaus, Brazil”