Teen Shot in Neck by Security Guard in Manaus, Brazil

Isaac Jorge da Silva Correa, a 17-year-old teenager, was shot dead in the early hours of Sunday morning (12) by a security guard at Amazon Security who was on duty at an Infraero booth at Eduardo Gomes International Airport . The crime occurred at an Ecuador gas station, in front of the airport, in the … Continue reading “Teen Shot in Neck by Security Guard in Manaus, Brazil”

Guy Accidentally Snaps a Kid’s Neck

CCTV video from an internet cafe in Indonesia shows a kid playing DOTA being approached by a guy, who jokingly snaps his neck, but manages to snap it too much, killing the kid. I’m having a seriously hard time accepting this video as real. It screams fugazi at me from all over. What do you … Continue reading “Guy Accidentally Snaps a Kid’s Neck”