Aftermath of Carnage Caused by Out of Control Bus in Moscow, Russia

Video from Moscow, Russia shows the aftermath of a bis accident the CCTV footage of which can be seen here. The bus reportedly suffered mechanical failure. At least 5 people have been killed.

Another American Demonstrates Expansive Vocabulary as Female Driver Strikes Pedestrian in LA

Every time there is a video from America, it sounds like it was filmed in a mental asylum for total retards. This one is no exception. Allegedly from Los Angeles, the video shows a female driver running toward a female pedestrian she had struck.

Ukrainian Female Driver Plows Group of Pedestrians, Killing at Least Five

CCTV video from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine shows a young female driver in a Lexus plowing a crowd of pedestrians, killing at least five and injuring six.

CCTV of Car Hitting Three Students from SENA Colombia

CCTV video from Bogota, Colombia shows a van hitting three SENA students who were crossing the road on a crosswalk. SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) is a public National Service of Learning. All three students are said to be in critical condition.