Police Brutality Challenged by Female Privilege in Toronto, Canada

Canada is a feminist capital of the world, in which any challenge to female privilege is met with state sanctioned violence enforced by way of police brutality. But what happened when police brutality is challenged by female privilege itself?

Cop Goes Berserk at Youths for Smiling

Petty bullies that get their kicks fucking up people’s lives get irritated beyond belief when people don’t respond by being humiliated and terrified: Express your Constitutionally-protected right to freedom of speech, and I’ll drag you out of the car! The video was filmed in Plano, Texas. The bully’s name is Jeffrey Willis.

Costa Rican Woman Assaults Cop, Gets Put in Place

Video from Costa Rica depicts the police attempting to conduct an arrest, when they are accosted by the members of the public. A woman in particular showed her face in one cop’s space but the cop was not ready to hand out pussy passes that day and put her back in her rightful place – … Continue reading “Costa Rican Woman Assaults Cop, Gets Put in Place”