Murder of White Man David Kassick by Female Cop Lisa Mearkle

In Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, a Dauphin County female cop named Lisa Mearkle tasered an unarmed white man on the ground repeatedly, while screaming at him to “stop moving!“. Finally, she shot David Kassick fatally in the back twice while still tasing him. She was acquitted of the murder charge by the jury when prosecution failed to … Continue reading “Murder of White Man David Kassick by Female Cop Lisa Mearkle”

Cop Tackles and Beats Man with Rifle

Police cruised dashboard video shows a Walton County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Mark Hess tackling a man holding a rifle and asking the cop to shoot him. Obviously, the man was pushed beyond the breaking point and had nothing more to lose. The cops, as is typical, would not allow someone taking the joy of beating … Continue reading “Cop Tackles and Beats Man with Rifle”

Arrogant Cop Throws Coffee at Motorcyclist in Chicago

Helmet cam video from Chicago shows an arrogant cop throwing a coffee at a passing motorcyclist. The independent media keep exposing the true face of police n North America. One of these days these the scale will tip over and the bullies with badges will be held to account for decades of oppression. Unfortunately, not … Continue reading “Arrogant Cop Throws Coffee at Motorcyclist in Chicago”

Police Brutality Challenged by Female Privilege in Toronto, Canada

Canada is a feminist capital of the world, in which any challenge to female privilege is met with state sanctioned violence enforced by way of police brutality. But what happened when police brutality is challenged by female privilege itself?