African Women Fight Over Guy in Miami, One Loses Leg

Two African American women had a fight over a guy in Miami, Florida on Valentine’s day, and one end up running the other one’s leg over. Ashley Weatherspoon was taken to the hospital, but lost her leg. Kasheena Mordica is being charged with second-degree attempted murder and with leaving the scene of an accident.

Military Policeman Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Truck in Brazil

A Brazilian Military Police sergeant committed suicide on the BR-060 highway, in the direction toward Brasilia, near the Community Restaurant of North Samambaia, by throwing himself under the wheels of a passing truck. This video is the CCTV footage of the suicide.

Aftermath of Christmas Market Attack in Berlin, Germany

In Breitscheidplatz, Berlin, Germany, a truck was deliberately driven into a busy Christmas market, killing at least 12 people and injuring about 50. Naved B, an asylum seeker from Pakistan was arrested on suspicion of causing the carnage.