Car Plows Into Protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia

In Charlottesville, Virginia, a car plowed into a crowd of protesters responding to the peaceful gathering of white nationalists with hate and intolerance. Multiple people were injured and one person killed, according to Charlottesville Police.

CCTV Video of School Bus Running Over School Child

What a tragedy: a child descends from a school bus and, in seconds, ends up under the wheel of the vehicle. A little more attention from the driver would certainly have prevented the child from being hit, which we do not know if he survived. Google translate ^^

Female Driver Proceeds to Run Over Gas Station Worker from Standing Still

CCTV video presumably from India shows a female driver showing why the stereotype exist. Just as you stared t think female drivers couldn’t get any dumber, this one runs over a gas station worker after standing still and having that worker in front of her for a while.