Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Young Girl on Bicycle Dies Mangled on Road

Video from undisclosed location shows a young girl who was apparently struck and run over while riding a bicycle on the road. Her corpse looks mangled, head displaced and innards spilled out.

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Boy Crushed to Death by Truck

Video from undisclosed location, but could be Bangladesh, shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a boy was run over by a truck, and his mangled body, including a cracked open skull, left on the road.

CCTV of Man in Manhole Being Run Over by Car in China

CCTV video from China shows a man halfway down a manhole being run over by a car driver. I’m not sure if the manhole man was a worker doing something, or someone (rickshaw driver?) who accidentally fell in it.

Older Man Trips, His Wife Trips Over Him and Gets Run Over by Semi Truck

CCTV video from undisclosed location shows an older man tripping, causing his wife to trip over him and under the truck stopped on either the lights, or at a toll booth, or something of sorts. The truck then moves, and runs the woman over.

CCTV of Female Driver Ramming Pedestrians on Sidewalk

Seriously? We lock people up if they are perceived to be a threat to the public safety. How come then are women allowed to drive cars, when they are consistently a threat to public safety while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Can’t take a step in any direction without running into female privilege.