Weird Shootout Involving Cops Caught on CCTV in India

Armed criminals attacked cops outside a court in Mahendergarh, Haryana, India on Friday, injuring four police officers. The gunmen freed a murder suspect Vikram allias Papla from custody and fled. Four police officers were wounded. One was taken to the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) in Rohtak in critical condition.

Armed Group Attacks Police Officials at Apaseo Gas Station in Upper Guanajuato, Mexico

An armed group that traveled in several vans riddled police at a gas station located in Apaseo el Alto, in Guanajuato. The attack at the gas station was on the night of Monday at approximately 10:30 pm, then the armed group also attacked the Building of Transit Module. Google translate ^^

CCTV of Fatal Gangwar Shooting in Rewari, India

On August 20, the police was still free in the murder case of gangster named Lalit alias Marinda, but now the whole incident is being investigated by CCTV. The footage has surfaced. City Police has registered a case against 5 rookies in various sections in this massacre. The CCTV footage clearly shows that members of … Continue reading “CCTV of Fatal Gangwar Shooting in Rewari, India”

Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana

Argument over a fence placement lead to an armed altercation between disputing neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana. A firefighter an old man four times in the chest, but will not be charged because the video allegedly shows him acting in self defense. The wounded old man took the shots like a boss. He’s in critical … Continue reading “Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana”

Crazy Shootout on Dundalk Avenue in Baltimore Streamed on Facebook Live

Video from Dundalk Avenue in Baltimore shows a shootout with police. The video was streamed on Facebook Live. Suspect was killed. A cop and a bystander were injured. The shootout was reportedly sparked by an armed robbery suspect aboard MTA bus.