The Recompense of the Traitors 2 – ISIS Video Showing Multiple Executions

New ISIS Video from Kirkuk in Iraq titled “The Recompense of the Traitors 2” features the executions of four groups of people by multiple methods, including by beheading, and gunshots from pistols and M4 rifles.

Retired Cops Exchange Fire in São Paulo, One Dies

A video that is circulating on internet shows two retired military police officers exchanging shots in Moema, a prime area of ​​the South Zone of São Paulo, last Saturday (6). One died and the other survived. Retired corporal Marcos Antonio Abraão died in the exchange of shots with the reformed soldier Hector Marcelo Vieira. Marcos … Continue reading “Retired Cops Exchange Fire in São Paulo, One Dies”

Aftermath of Shooting That Left Three Cops Dead in Neza, Mexico

This morning, around 10:15 hours, gunmen attempted to storm the office of a PRI committee, located in the colony La Perla, municipality of Nezahuacóyotl, which triggered a shooting that left five people dead, including Three police officers. At least five armed people sought to enter the premises of the AC Social Management Committee For the … Continue reading “Aftermath of Shooting That Left Three Cops Dead in Neza, Mexico”

Three Cops Shot Dead in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico

Cameras of the Command, Control, Computation, Communications and Contact Center of Neza located the cars in which those responsible for the shooting took place this morning, which resulted in the death of three policemen, a civilian and a suspected delinquent, in the colony The Pearl of this municipality. Google translate ^^