Driver Shot Dead Trying to Help Girls Who Were Being Robbed

CCTV video from Phnom Penh in Cambodia shows a pair of girls being robbed near Sovanna Shopping Center. A random driver passing by decides to use his car as a weapon against robbers, but ends up getting shot to death.

Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia

Deadly accidents occur on national roads Medan – Sidikalang Precisely at Tanjung Beringin, SUMBUL, Dairi. Car entourage of family plunged into the pool. As a result, nine passengers died on the spot, three lucky people survived. Police numbers BK1568KM Avanza car driven Lamsir Banjarnahor (32) resident of village Martudu, District Bakti king, Humbang Hasundutan. Plunge … Continue reading “Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia”

Driver Films Drunk Biker Crashing into Oncoming Truck

Video apparently filmed by a driver in Cambodia shows a drunk motorcyclist riding all over the road, and eventually crashing into an oncoming truck. His helmet wasn’t properly secured so it flew off his head, and he lost quite a bit of blood shortly after the impact.