Impaired Septic Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Holmen, Wisconsin

CCTV video released by the Holmen Police Department shows the fatal crash involving a suspected impaired septic truck driver. The incident happened on August 7, 2017 in Holmen, Wisconsin.

Rally Show Off Plows Group of Spectators

Video from a rally of sorts shows a sports car driver, not really capable of controlling the powerful vehicle, attempt to show off but ultimately plow through barrier and ram a group of spectators. Not sure where it happened, but at one point it sounded to me like someone was speaking Polish. That would be … Continue reading “Rally Show Off Plows Group of Spectators”

Speeding Motorcyclist Smashes Into Stationary Car on Seletar Expressway in Singapore

Video from Singapore shows a speeding motorcyclist hitting a stationary car stopped on the Selerat Expressway. Both biker and his pillion rider survived, but remained unconscious when they were picked up by an ambulance.

Another Angle of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Barataevka, Russia

In the Ulyanovsk region there was a major accident involving two motorcycles and several cars. The incident was especially resonated after the appearance on the Internet of a video recording of the tragedy, as well as the news that the abbot of one of the temples of the region, hegumen Flavian, became its culprit. As … Continue reading “Another Angle of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Barataevka, Russia”