ISIS Commander Crucified and Executed by Army of Islam in Syria

“The Legend” Abu Ali Khuba Masluba attributed to Abu Ali Khabih the greatest credit in the liberation of the city of Douma A few days ago, Jaish al-Islam executed Majid Khayba, known as Abu Ali Khbayeh, with a shot in the head, along with four members of the Army of the Nation. Abu Ali’s crucifixion, … Continue reading “ISIS Commander Crucified and Executed by Army of Islam in Syria”

Amaq Video Showing Children Killed and Wounded by Coalition Bombing of Raqqa, Syria

Video released by ISIS affiliated Amaq Agency shows children allegedly killed and wounded by the coalition airstrikes on the city of Raqqa in Syria.

ISIS Militants Shoot Up Two Kurds Hiding in Hole

Video from Raqqa in Syria shows the ISIS militants ambush and shoot up two Kurds hiding in a hole in the desert.

Aftermath of Sarin Attack in Idlib, Syria

Dozens (some sources say hundreds) of people have reportedly been killed in a chemical attack in Idlib, Syria. The Israeli moderates used sarin on civilians before, and Zionist press framed the Syrian government. It looks like the history is repeating itself. They must think we forgot.

Syrian Refugee Self Immolates in Greece

A shocking video once set himself on fire in the Syrian refugee facilities of Viale Chios released online. Images reminiscent of the Middle East and ISIS! This is extremely serious event that could lead to barrage uprisings in various camps throughout the country. The moments are dramatic, as the refugee bathed with inflammable material and … Continue reading “Syrian Refugee Self Immolates in Greece”