Aftermath of Carnage Caused by Out of Control Bus in Moscow, Russia

Video from Moscow, Russia shows the aftermath of a bis accident the CCTV footage of which can be seen here. The bus reportedly suffered mechanical failure. At least 5 people have been killed.

Aftermath of Fatal Collision Between Pickup Truck and Bus in Palawan, Philippines

Video from Palawan in the Philippines shows the aftermath of a fatal collision between a pickup truck and a bus. People who live in the area report many accidents happen on this stretch of the road.

Couple Dies in Accident Between Criciúma and Içara in Brazil

A couple died in a traffic accident at 13:08 on Saturday, 25, near Sest / Senat (reference only), on the Antônio Daros Highway, in the Cristo Redentor neighborhood in Criciúma, on the route of the First Line neighborhood. The boy Mike Kelvin Pereira Silveira, 21, and 16-year-old girl Yuana Rosa da Silva collided on a … Continue reading “Couple Dies in Accident Between Criciúma and Içara in Brazil”

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Truck Moves Off Man’s Crushed Head

Video from undisclosed location, but could be Indonesia, shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident, in which a truck crushed a man’s head. The video shows the truck move off the pancake, and the passers-by then flip the victim over.

CCTV of Collision Between Motorcyclists and Cement Mixer in China

CCTV video apparently from China shows an accident between a speeding pair on a motorcycle and a turning cement mixer. The biker managed to swerve enough to avoid getting crushed himself, and instead threw his passenger under the wheels of the truck. Some aftermath footage is included.