CCTV of Collision Between Motorcyclists and Cement Mixer in China

CCTV video apparently from China shows an accident between a speeding pair on a motorcycle and a turning cement mixer. The biker managed to swerve enough to avoid getting crushed himself, and instead threw his passenger under the wheels of the truck. Some aftermath footage is included.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Muara Fajar, Indonesia

Muara Fajar is one of the villages in Rumbai District, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. The accident involved a Toyota Innova. Google translate: Innova car parallel to truck, innova precedes truck car at speeds of more or less 90km / hr And bowed with the bus in front of the same speed Innova was slammed stir to … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Muara Fajar, Indonesia”

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Man Crushed in Half by Truck

Video from undisclosed location, but looks like China or elsewhere in Asia, shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident which left a man on the road literally crushed in half by a truck.

One of Two People on Motorcycle Destroyed by Truck, Other Avoids Death

Video from China shows a couple on motorcycle get knocked down by a truck. One gets run over and destroyed, the other narrowly avoids death. The video consists of the CCTV footage of how it happened as a well as a bit of an aftermath.

Chinese Motorcyclist with Head Destroyed by Truck

Video from China shows the aftermath of a fatal accident, in which a motorcyclist died after a truck struck him down and destroyed his head by running it over.