Syrian Refugee Self Immolates in Greece

A shocking video once set himself on fire in the Syrian refugee facilities of Viale Chios released online. Images reminiscent of the Middle East and ISIS! This is extremely serious event that could lead to barrage uprisings in various camps throughout the country. The moments are dramatic, as the refugee bathed with inflammable material and … Continue reading “Syrian Refugee Self Immolates in Greece”

Aftermath of Fatal Accident Between Seringueira and Sao Francisco in Brazil

Video from the BR-429 highway, between Seringueira and Sao Francisco in Rondônia, Brazil, shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. Various body parts are shown being scattered along the road.

Beheading of Two Elderly Men with Sword by ISIS

Video released by ISIS shows two elderly men being beheaded by sword. The moment of beheading is cut off, as is typical of ISIS, but a face of one of the severed heads is shown after decapitation, and its features move.

Indian Man Pushes Scaffold Into Overhead Power Lines

CCTV video from Rohtak, Haryana, India shows a worker getting electrocuted and turned into a fireball after pushing a scaffolding into overhead power-lines. His work mates didn’t have any tools to cut him off and watched him die.