Man Executed in Brazil After Stepping Out of House

Man Executed in Brazil After Stepping Out of House
Man Executed in Brazil After Stepping Out of House

Video from Brazil shows a little commotion around a house. When a specific man steps out of the house, another executes him in cold blood in plain view of other people.

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  1. Brazilian murderers are making house calls now. Very industrious of them. They always know how to corner the market. Now it is true that they usually murder the person that they corner at the market, nonetheless, you gotta hand it to them. Now it is true that when you hand it to them, they are usually shooting you in the hand. At any rate, there is never a dull moment in Brazil. Unless of course you are referring to the moments when a dull machete is used to behead some unfortunate soul.

    1. now, now, Christ… we gotta pull that back a bit… that thought came across my mind for many a country or demographic, but then…. where would we get our neat videos?… so let’s just scale it back and continue sending them knives, guns, and…. smartphones…. with auto-upload to Miscopy… Yes?

  2. The same thing happens in Salford, UK when you order a Chinese meal delivered to your crib… if you don’t give Wun Lung or Eric Yip the Delivery drivers a a few £’s tip they get you outside and blow you away.
    Safer to just settle on a Vindaloo in Salford on a Saturday evening….

  3. Have just watched the video on here ‘ISIS Video of Assault on Marawi Prison in Philippines and Release of Detainees’ and the usual transcendental music that accompanies IS slaughtering has a guy boogeying in English speak/song the last 10 or so seconds. I thought it was Dizzee Rascal but after listening a few more times it is definitely George Michael without a shadow of a doubt….

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