Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms

Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms
Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms

The minor was seriously injured. Preliminary information from the authorities indicated that the fatal victim was a moneylender, but then it was confirmed that he was not.

“It is an unfortunate case that comes to us where there is an attack against a person. He had a girl in his arms, he was driving a vehicle, he was seriously injured and he was taken to a hospital, where he later died, “said Colonel Henry Jiménez, deputy commander of the Cali Police.

The authorities pointed out that the minor, 2 years old, received a bullet impact, underwent surgery and found a reserved prognosis in the Intensive Care Unit of the Valle del Lili Clinic.

Although preliminary information indicated that the murdered man was a moneylender, the authorities subsequently confirmed that he was a person with a criminal record.

“This person had been released from prison in 2015 for the crimes of kidnapping and illegal carrying of arms, and had been captured by the Gaula at the time,” said General Hugo Casas, commander of the Cali Police.

According to the authorities, the man, 32 years old and identified as Cristian Fernando Morales, was on probation.

“Our preliminary investigations indicate that the case allegedly would be related to an adjustment of accounts between criminal groups,” police said in a statement.

Also, General Casas said that the Mayor’s Office of the Metropolitan Police of Cali are “offering up to $ 20 million in compensation to the person who allows identifying, prosecuting and capturing the criminal who perpetrated these acts.”

The sicarial attack was recorded on the afternoon of this Friday at the height of career 1J with 62nd street, Barranquilla neighborhood, northeast of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

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