Young Couple Kidnapped, Beaten and Set on Fire in Palhoça, Brazil

Young Couple Kidnapped, Beaten and Set on Fire in Palhoça, Brazil
Young Couple Kidnapped, Beaten and Set on Fire in Palhoça, Brazil

The Civil Police of Palhoça made searches this Wednesday (22) to the second victim of a barbaric crime that shocked the city. Bandits set fire to a couple in the early hours of Tuesday (22) in a thicket in the Pacheco neighborhood, near BR-101. The body of Rudimar Gonçalves Muller, 18, was found and identified by the IGP. Thuane Gonçalves da Cruz is still missing.

Criminals filmed the action and shared the cruelty in social networks. The pictures show the bandits torturing the young man and then setting the victim on fire. Then they burn the girl. Delegate Raquel Freire, head of the Division of Criminal Investigation of the Municipality, informs that teams were during the day in the region, but did not find the victim.

According to the delegate, there is evidence that the young woman was also the victim of homicide. However, without the body there is no way to confirm. About sharing the videos, Raquel Freire is tough:

– They were filmed by the killers by their will, in an action to claim these deaths, motivated by the dispute of points of sale of drugs. What matters is that the intention to viralizar these videos is precisely to shock the population and to impose the fear.

So far, none of the killers have been arrested. Next to Rudimar’s body, the bandits fixed a written plaque “died because it’s cagueta” (slang for x9).

Another murder at Frei Damião

In addition to this case, Palhoça had another murder on Tuesday (21). The victim was identified as Iuri da Rosa Rodrigues, 28, from Florianópolis. According to the IGP, he was shot. Delegate Raquel Freire did not say whether there was a relationship between the two crimes.

Nine deaths in less than two days

Since Tuesday, nine people have been murdered in Greater Florianópolis. The last case was that a man is shot dead after an argument with a neighbor in the Avaí Hill, in São José. In Florianópolis, there were five cases. On Wednesday morning, a couple were killed in a shootout at Vila União. On Tuesday, three men were shot dead in Morro Nova Trento. And at dawn, a villager killed a thief who tried to steal his house in the Strait.

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  4. I really doubt that the purpose of the video was to spread fear as the description stated or else they would have given the responsibility of filming it to someone who doesn’t have cerebral palsy.

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