Idiot Sticks Hand in Tiger’s Cage, Pays the Price

Idiot Sticks Hand in Tiger's Cage, Pays the Price
Idiot Sticks Hand in Tiger's Cage, Pays the Price

Video from undisclosed location shows a man stick his hands respectively into a lion’s and tiger’s cages. The tiger doesn’t appreciate and take a chomp.

23 thoughts on “Idiot Sticks Hand in Tiger’s Cage, Pays the Price”

  1. OK, everyone involved in this video are assholes, except the old lady trying to warn ol’ boy in the beginning. First off, the tiger is living it up in five star luxury, without having to deal with the Bullshit Fucking jungle that they rescued him from. Why the fuck does he have an attitude for? Strait up disrespectful pussy! But then again, it’s a tiger, he ain’t gonna change his stripes anytime soon. Secondly, dude can’t get his fingers loose? The Chinese invented Chinese finger traps. How the fuck you gonna invent some shit like that, when at the same time, you get your fingers trapped in shit all willy nilly? Third, the guy on his phone, obviously had a hankering for tiger penis soup and was trying to order takeout. I mean, who can eat at a time like this?

    1. I’m collossal, you’se a mosquita I’mma play Tarzan, you play Cheeetah Cheeta, biter, love to forge., er better yet, I’ll call you Curious George, cause curiosty cold killed the cat., ya cant hide so black to the side n ‘Let your backbone slide…’

    1. hahaha.., yea he Double Dared him., and we all know how that goes., poor guy didn’t have a chance/choice. That’s why kids today don’t know what they’re getting themselves into playing that bloodcurdling game.

  2. Poor tiger pays the price with a jab with a pipe in his throat, cuase a dumb mother fucker feels he’s tiger whisper, that guy will always remember what he did to that tiger was wrong,and be reminded every time he whips his ass with toilet paper,with his new Freddy Krueger new hand,and his smeared peanut butter ass ?????

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