Kenyan Man Teaches Wife Lesson with Cane

Kenyan Man Teaches Wife Lesson with Cane
Kenyan Man Teaches Wife Lesson with Cane

Video from Kenya shows a man teaching his wife a lesson with a cane. Not sure what the lesson was for, but you can never go wrong smacking a bitch. Women are responsible for more than 80% of violence against children yet they hardly ever get punished, most sexual abuses against children are committed by women yet they hardly ever get punished…

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    1. The true translation of what she was saying is: Last time you bought me a present was when you proposed to me back in 1998, it was a potato peeler! I need a new one!

  1. While it is nice to see that they finally released some footage of Bobby, and Whitney’s honeymoon, it is a shame that even what was supposed to be such a special occasion was tainted by cane abuse.

  2. Using advanced translation techniques, we can discern that the beating was because the woman complained about the toilet seat being always up, the man keep repeating to the woman after each lash: ” look before you seat you dumb bitch”.
    Its very unlikely the beating will have any effect on her bitch mentality of sitting before looking, producing an endless cycle of beatings once the subject is brought up once again.

  3. She won the choice for Saturday night’s film sat in at home with Tortilla chips and a tub of Witchery Grubs. He wanted Jack Nicholson’s
    The Shining. She wanted Citizen CANE. Looks like she got it….

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