Man Shot in Arm Rolls in Agony on Road

Man Shot in Arm Rolls in Agony on Road
Man Shot in Arm Rolls in Agony on Road

Video allegedly from Mexico shows a man rolling in agony on a dirt road after being apparently shot in the arm. There are cops in the background, so I wonder if it’s them who shot him.

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  1. This fine fellow doesn’t look like he is in any agony, he just strikes me as being an awfully spiffing citizen of Meh’ hico whose pastime is innocently rolling around quiet country roads for no other reason than the sheer enjoyment this brings. An utterly fine bounder I would say… wouldn’t you agree GF?

    1. Well… I mean… It IS an event in the winter games there, looks like he’s training… Not so innocent I’m afraid dear chap!… He’s illegally training off season… Tsk, tsk!… Wouldn’t you say?

  2. Maybe he tried to pass the borders to get into the U.S. and to live from welfare paid by american hardworkers.
    Actually this pickup looks very like the border guards ones.

  3. However, his left arm was badly broken and he need a help. Mexico always reminds me how we lost in Mexico City after bike race there,most horrible expirience in my life. Awfull place for living.

      1. That was before more than ten years when I was drive road bike for my country there.After the race we want to go in downtown to see the center of city and after a few ours taxi drive us in the wrong hotel with a same name because we dont remember which one is ours north,south,east or west.MC is huge and have about 20 millions citizens,on the end cop tell the taxi driver where to drive and that was more than 200km from the spot where we be in that moment.I dont need to tell you how there looking on the tourist with camera,phone and cash in the pocket.After all night and good part of the next day we finally find the our hotel where the rest of the team think that we are robb and dead.Off course taxi take the all money we have for a ride.Never in my life I dont feel more fear and helpless like then.Sorry for gramma.

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