Ugandan Woman Beats and Abuses Child in Public

Ugandan Woman Beats and Abuses Child in Public
Ugandan Woman Beats and Abuses Child in Public

Jews commit genocide, cops execute citizens for breathing, sheep thank child rapists for their service, and women abuse and torture children in plain view of other women who don’t even wink when they see their fellow privileged sex getting their rocks off on beating the defenseless. What else is new?

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    1. And there’s the problem right there.
      70% of black children in America are raised in single mother homes.
      Kids raised in homes with people other than their birth parents are 30 times more likely to be physically or sexually abused.
      I have a kid about that age and I do discipline her when she gets out of line but I am also very aware of the line I wont cross.
      I smack her on the back of the leg but I would never pick her up by the head no matter what she had done.
      As a parent, stuff like this makes me sick.

    2. I’m pretty sure she’s not the mother of the child hence her asking “Where is the parent(s)?” at the end when she takes off. I bet she was seeing these kids acting up with no one doing anything about it and chose to take action in her own hands.

  1. Well she really taught them a lesson, the lesson being beat everyone smaller than you and bow down to everyone who beats you. And you think when they come to europe they’re going to mutually reciprocate your kindness.

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