Man Killed with Garden Tools and Burned by White Knight in Rajasthan, India

Man Killed with Garden Tools and Burned by White Knight in Rajasthan, India
Man Killed with Garden Tools and Burned by White Knight in Rajasthan, India

Viral Udaipur, the first ruthlessly killing, gasoline and burning the video. In the Rajsamand city of Rajasthan on Wednesday, there was a cross-border incident. To kill, the killer took the man to the farm by citing friendship.

He beat him with a guny and then slaughtered him and then burnt him with a gas. Not only this, its live video was also made, then viral. Said in the video- Taking revenge for her sister’s insult … – On Wednesday, only 700 meters of the incident occurred in the collection.

The killer is named Shambhalal Reghar and the 50-year-old Afajul alias Bhattu is dead. Bhutu was a resident of West Bengal. He was working contractor in Rajsamand for 20 years. – Police told that after the incident, in the viral video, after taking Shambhalal on a scooter and taking him to his farm, there seems to be a gunning down on him. This video has been produced by the accused himself.

In it, Shambhalal is attacking the road digging. After this, Ganda also strikes me. Ganti was carried out several stabs on the head and stomach. From this the intestines also came out. In the video, Shambhalal Love Jihad is showing long speech on many issues, including patriotism. It is also saying that she is taking revenge for her sister’s insult.

The child is also seen in the video. Since the incident all are absconding. According to the police, Shambhalal conducted the warshat on his own farm, according to the police. There, the corpse of Afrajul got burned to 80 percent burns.

There is also the gift, gasoline bottle, superb base card, identity card and motorcycle. – Police is treating the initial case as a mutual contradiction. At the same time Home Minister Gulab Kataria of the State constituted the SIT in this case so that the accused could be arrested immediately.

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  1. This is a shame?? because what was intended to be just a basic introduction to “Gardening for Pakistani Simpletons” ended like it did due to the pair of them getting over excited about being on TV…

      1. That’s okay all will be fine, Police were called, seen the tape and upon reviewing all the evidence will be closing the case due to this being a “Mutual Contradiction”. Wow, you gotta love India., it’s amazing what a 10 Canadian Dollars can get you.

  2. And huge respect for the Pakistani John Travolta in his Saturday Night Fever kit… the fuck does he manage to keep the snow white trousers claret free when he is in slaughtering mode is beyond me!
    I only have to walk 200 yards in my Johnny T whites and they look like a herd of pregnant wilderbeast have given birth on them…

    1. Well , Arty old boy… If my memory serves me right, it means neither!… that company is located in the southern United States, Oral-B is actually a southern variation of the phrase “or it’ll be” also “or you’ll be”… so it would be used something like this… “Go brush yer tooth boy!… Oral-B toothless like yer daddy!”…. there you are dear boy.

  3. The hindi version of the old tale the Barrel of Amontillado, we can see Montressor taking care of his rival without even getting his shoes dirty, the michael bay ending instead of the original brought some criticism by some people that wanted the traditional approach of the conflict resolution.

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  6. I should take a break on this website, for like, every weekend.
    The level of free brutality and nonsense hatred is beyond 9000, lmao.

    Especially when it’s about a video from Asia or South-America.
    My poor soul can’t handle this much. May Jesus help us.

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