Man Beat Up During Night Out in Tunisia

Man Beat Up During Night Out in Tunisia
Man Beat Up During Night Out in Tunisia

During a night out drinking in Sijoumi, Tunisia, this guy got into a fight but ended up beat up.

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  1. To all those who say that technology is making people distant from one another, just look at this. Not just one, but multiple people using the “comfort the injured” app. The future is here people. Ain’t it grand?!

          1. That’s quite a shitty flight.. D. K!.. Some bearded asshole from a previous video took that flight….Shit, crash landed right in his mouth! …. Oye vey!

  2. This is ‘tame’ for Miscopy. Just looks to me like a guy who has tried to put rouge lipstick on whilst having an extremely bad episode of Delerium Tremens, nothing more…

  3. Beat up? That guy has a hole in the neck as if he was shot and got blood on half of his lower body… Beat up! Yeah well… that would be impossible in Brazil cause their wear thongs (sandals) so even if they were not cutting their nails, they couldn’t do that kind of damage with their toes. So… what do they were in their feet in Tunisia? Knives, guns, mysterious bugs? Humm… I think I know what happens…. the guy just got hacked………….bar (akbar).

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