Support of the Weakest – ISIS Video

Support of the Weakest - ISIS Video
Support of the Weakest - ISIS Video

Excerpt from video released by ISIS in Wilayat Diyala titled “Support of the Weakest” shows a beheading of a tribal leader who refused to support the Islamic State and the execution of four captured Iraqi soldiers.

10 thoughts on “Support of the Weakest – ISIS Video”

  1. The beheading of the older guy was nice, i thought he was going to slap the bald head once he place it on the back or at least do it like benny hill used to slap the older guy.

  2. the weak they mean the sunna supporters of the islamic state because they are getting fucked in Syria and Iraq .. the goat fucker speaking in the video said the sunna are getting killed yet those filthy are sunna and working for the enemies and thank Allah he used us to punish them and get what they deserve then they shoot them

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