Thief Finished Off with Shovel to Face

Thief Finished Off with Shovel to Face
Thief Finished Off with Shovel to Face

Video form undisclosed location, but I presume it’s Brazil, shows the lynching of a thief. There’s a guy with a stick who’s really gentle with the thief, and is barely tapping him on the shoulder, but other’s are not having any of that shit and beat the crap out of the guy, who is then finished with shovel to the face.

14 thoughts on “Thief Finished Off with Shovel to Face”

    1. You are probably drunk, but I watched it again, and what you saw looks like the end of a power cord. You can see a guy dragging it into the building across the street.

  1. Really nice kick by the guy on the green shirt at 0:10, makes you wish they had cut the head first so he could send it soaring, you can tell he plays soccer every weekend.
    Special mention goes to the teenager that grabbed the shovel and trough his own initiative delivered shovel after shovel to the face.

  2. Better just keeping still and playing dead in that type of situation until they’ve all fucked off..
    Hard to do though when the face is stinging a little bit, but can be done with a touch of self discipline….

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