Mentally Ill Woman Clubbed by Evil Bitches on Street in Vila Conceição, Maranhão, Brazil

Mentally Ill Woman Clubbed by Evil Bitches on Street in Vila Conceição, Maranhão, Brazil
Mentally Ill Woman Clubbed by Evil Bitches on Street in Vila Conceição, Maranhão, Brazil

Video from Vila Conceição in São Luís, state of Maranhão, Brazil, shows a group of young bitches abusing and beating with planks a mentally ill woman on a street.

54 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Woman Clubbed by Evil Bitches on Street in Vila Conceição, Maranhão, Brazil”

  1. I’d pick those bitches up by their unkempt ponytails and swing them around like … well … the bitches that they are. Now that guy in the pink shirt that shoved her in the beginning … I’ve got something to shove into him. Dang … I’m back.

      1. Granny, do like to pick up bitches up by their ponytails and swing them around or do you prefer just geriatric bitches? In my profile pic I am wearing two…. =^.^=

  2. Why does Brazil exist? What is its purpose on the planet? I wonder if each time there is a Birth in this sewerage works it is like a scene from The Omen, the sky turns black and the wind becomes stronger, dark clouds gather and the Sun is swallowed up by the clouds…..the signal to everyone that another entity has been borne of its Brazilian creature mother…

    1. Brazil was at the origin of the several movies … The Planet of Apes… that is where the whole story begins. There are still many undiscovered tribes in the amazonian jungle and the natives are for sure, much more civilized and organized than those people from favelas… They probably start acting like apes only when they came out of the jungle. Its was a huge clash for them to discover the modern world so they choose to become : drug dealers, people burners, robbers, murderers, killer mobs and smartphone film makers! Wow! It is such a nonsense to think that the jungle is thousand times safer than cities…

  3. BTW Arty… I advertised your self help seminars for you, but further information is needed!… (guy hit by speeding van video)…Thank you,and you’re welcome

  4. All my dear friends are gone!!… So sad!.. Makes me wanna cry like a fat lil girl scout bitch, who ate all the cookies and doesn’t have the money to pay for it!

    I’m gonna take this time in to remember and pay my respects to our fellow, fallen Miscopians

  5. Rosar aka Rotard…. Rip
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    You are gone, but not forgotten dear brothers and sisters…. Requiem, pax and so forth…..

    BTW… I’m not sayin you guys are “actually” dead

    1. Yea I actively avoided miscopy for a while because Rosar and biggus dickus were falling in love . Beautiful story I’m sure but not what I was here for pmsl. I’m veteran on miscopy just never made an account untill now : )

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      1. Nice!.. To make one or two comments (fukn wit someone) is ok, but when you start trolling. That’s bullshit!… Can’t say he was a friend,but it was fun fukn wit him though!

  6. One day you will be right my friend. Lot off us are here but just waiting for some new shit somewhere there I think. Mark comeback we will forgive you everything!

      1. I think Mark is dead… or he forgot about his misfit miscopy children…MARRRK why aren’t you feeding us gore anymore?! Don’t leave us! Miscopy.. the redheaded step child.

  7. I’ll go first…

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