Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole

Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole
Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole

Police and military firefighters are carrying out searches in the mangrove and mouth of the Ceará River (west of Fortaleza) this afternoon, in an attempt to locate the bodies of three young men who were tortured, killed and decapitated by bandits of the faction criminal State Guardians (GDE) last week. Yesterday afternoon (5), rumors that the remains of the three people would have been spotted eventually mobilized authorities.

But neither the bodies nor the heads were still found. The police are looking for more information that could lead to the place where the three girls, who were supposed to be sympathizers or members of the Comando Vermelho (CV) faction, were killed and beheaded. The images of the triple summary execution were posted on social networks by the murderers themselves.

Late last night, the three missing children were identified by relatives at the Homicide and Personal Protection Division (DHPP) headquarters. Ingrid Teixeira Pereira, Darciele Anselmo de Alencar and Nara Alyne Mota de Lima were reportedly abducted last night (March 1) in Maracanaú and taken to the Rio Ceará mangrove, located between the neighborhoods of Vila Velha and Barra do Ceará, where they would have been tortured by the killers.

In the video, one of the girls appears to be threatened and forced to state that she “tore the shirt” of the Red Command (CV) and passed the DDE side. Even begging them to spare their lives, the girl is executed with a shot in the face. Then one of the killers cuts her head with a machete. In the same scene, another villain shows the three heads already decapitated and throws in the waters of the mangrove, celebrating the deaths.


The mother of one of the three young people gave a desperate statement at the DHPP. He said the family has disappeared since last Friday. “I want at least my daughter’s body so I can bury it,” he said. The mothers of the other girls have also talked about the case, but fear they may also be murdered. One of them said that the daughter did not belong to any criminal faction, but may have been killed for being in bad company.

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    1. Awe really..?, don’t leave.., this shit isn’t what this site is about honestly.., give it a chance., it’s usually much more Gory, I promise you, your gonna Love some of the hard core shit., but every now and then you gotta deal with this softer choppy shit like

    2. I understand completely… I scroll away when it involves children of any age. Being a father i just cant watch those clips. I might get called on as a pussy or weak bitch but thats to be expected when your in here lol…. but yeah, i dodge scenes like that…

        1. All 3 of them were girls. Even the girl with the short blonde hair that got her arm chopped off here…. in the other beheading video of her you can see her red bra strap over the shoulder under the shirt whilst being chopped on the neck.
          The 3 girls were betraying the gang they teamed up with, blondie here got worse treatment for being the main one of the 3

    1. For that to become a reality we would have to been born on chimp country, raised as chimps so we had tribal wars like chimps and then die like chimps while our deaths are filmed and uploaded so other people can laugh and make jokes about chimps killing each other.

      And that kid and the two girls died because the kid was the son of a some drug dealer, the girls probably trying to leech drugs from him and got picked by being wrong time wrong place.

      1. Wrong…. that is not a boy or a drug dealers son.
        It is 3 girls, just because she has short tomboy hair doesnt make her a boy.
        You can see her bra strap on the video of her being beheaded…. unless this “boy” wears a bra.

  1. South America is where I assume this took place, or like Brazil. These places need wiped off the face of the Earth, they’re full of nothing but rape, drugs and brutal kills, children, women, just anyone.

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