Landslide Buries Woman on Road in Cusco, Peru

Landslide Buries Woman on Road in Cusco, Peru
Landslide Buries Woman on Road in Cusco, Peru

A video of an accident in the city of Cusco shows a woman being completely covered by a huaico, while apparently trying to take pictures of the natural phenomenon.

The event was recorded the afternoon of last Sunday in the sector called Huancarani, in a section of the Cusco – Paucartambo, where a landslide blocked the road preventing the passage of private vehicles and public transport.

That is how dozens of passengers decide to descend from their units, when rockfall and land increases causing several people to run for safety.

Incredibly, a woman, whose identification is unknown until now, remains impassive in the path of the huaico, being reached by it and disappearing crushed in a few seconds.

In the recording, which belongs to an amateur, you can hear how other passengers call the victim to leave the place, however she ignores the recommendations and even seems to try to record the fact with your cell phone.

A team of police and firemen arrived at the accident site in order to search for the remains of the victim, however the weather conditions and the proximity of the night made these tasks more complicated.

This road is highly used by locals and tourists who go to the traditional town of Paucartambo or to the National Park of Manu, It has been the scene of an infinity of traffic accidents and rollovers since it is paved only to the town of Huancarani, the Regional Government of Cusco recently started the asphalting of the missing section to Paucartambo.

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  1. Well there yee go…what more can one say about this retard.
    I wonder if she happened to be there looking for GF, wherever the fuck he has disappeared to only the lord will know???

    1. She just need to jump quickly so high and than fly over the edge taking the video above, to have it from different angles…I hope so they are ok, both of them…

  2. I heard that the woman stood there praying to god asking to stop the landslide. People depending their lives on religion is so fucking stupid and this is the proof.

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