Savage Stabbing of Woman in Brazil

Savage Stabbing of Woman in Brazil
Savage Stabbing of Woman in Brazil

Video from Brazil shows a backwoods stabbing of a woman in a rather savage way. The cameraman does the V sign on the camera, which is typically associated with the Comando Vermelho drug trafficking gang in Brazil.

8 thoughts on “Savage Stabbing of Woman in Brazil”

  1. Wow! How brave they are… is this suppose to be scary! It just shows they’re a bunch of drugs trafficking losers. Usually, to get some respect you reserve that kind of treatment to high-value target! Otherwise, it’s just savagery and it means you are a loser and that you need to be lynched to death by a crowd wearing sandals very soon! Bad luck to you guys!

    1. Yeah., like what’s next.,
      an old grandmother., a child.,
      a baby…? Oh I know..! How about a puppy or better yet a kitten. Now that would be some ruthless savagery shit. Just don’t do that to yo mamma.

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