Brutal Beheading of Man with Peeled Face

Brutal Beheading of Man with Peeled Face
Brutal Beheading of Man with Peeled Face

Video of extremely brutal beheading of a man with face peeled off and hands cut off. The poor sob struggles,as killers cut into his throat with a curved blade.

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  1. This is one hell of a brutal video. The Wife had to put some loud tunes on in order to block out the screaming, and gurgling sounds emanating from that poor bastard. Man, people can be so evil, and heartless at times. How can they sleep at night? They must be having some terrible nightmares on many of nights because of all this inhuman behavior. Sick S.O.B.,s they are. NOT good S.O.B,s like us, as we are different, and care about people, well,,, most anyways! 😉

      1. In the torture of the FBI agent, they kept him alive with anaesthetic etc etc.
        I used to be quite addicted to cocaine. After seeing too many of these videos since bestgore, it’s given me enough bite now to never buy that crap again. Everytime I think of a wrap I think of the sob being slaughtered. We’ve had enough here of their ethics.

          1. Niggers! Stfu I don’t see any black people here lose the hate butch…hope u end up like the guy in the video trailer trash

          1. You shut the fuck up – this DOES represent all Mexicans. Apparently you didn’t see the comment by Andrés on October 22, 2016 at 8:34 pm in which he said: “This case had in mexico By any cartel on enemy. I’m sorry my english But I live in mexico and all days I see this type execucions.”. He lives in Mexico; he see’s this shit every day. I live in the US and I DON’T see this shit every single day because this is not was American people do – this is what Mexican people do and it’s not racist to say that; it’s the fucking mathematical truth, show me ONE single video of something like this happening in the United States – you’re not going to find one. I don’t support Donald Trump but I sure as fuck support putting up a wall with machine guns and terminator robots that will skin you alive if you try bringing that shit into our country. Chileans, Costa Ricans, Argentinians, Panamanians, Nicaraguans, Bolivians, Peruvians… come on over. Mexicans… stay the fuck out.

          2. Im a trump supporter too but youre hella dumb you dont know the difference bettween legal and illegal

            Illegals bring bad shit to the usa. And no, keep ALL you south americans out of my land unless you pay and pass the process so come here. And adopt this culture too

          3. I agree isabel,and not all blacks ,hispanics,americans are the same either guys fighting up there,when riots starts they need to NOT give em media attn either,as iff theres not more serious stuff going dwn..SPREAD PEACE N LOVE NOT THIS CRAP

      1. It’s Spanish they’re saying he chose the wrong side this is probably petty gangs in Mexico but sadly this is something small nothing big it’s a normal thing amongst gangs.

    1. This is what is done to infants and babies in what has come to be known as Pizzagate. Too many high up in the US military and in governments the world over commit atrocities against children especially their own. Imagine torturing to death a new born infant for hours, raping it repeatedly then doing to it what is done to this man, born for this sole purpose?

          1. @FuckIslam Sounds like they do belive in God. If you worship Lucifer you are a theist unless your a peaceful Laveyan Satanist.

          2. God is real I have no doubt. But it is our job to change this world by the choices we make and the people we help. God has nothing to do with this.

          3. FuckIslam – so you want to fuck 1.6 billion people…. your username is pretty rude. Only a tiny, miniscule portion of a few hundred muslims are terrorists and they’re not real muslims. So stop taking it out on all 1 billion of them. Fuck you

          4. Mattew islam it a terible oppresive religion and terrorist use there religion as a justifiction of there actions a true muslim is a muslim blowing up

        1. Joseph – I like you. Your last comment confuses me a little but hear me when I say that I have seen proof that there is a God. Not miracles (remember we all have free will) although what I’ve seen could certainly fall into that category. I guess some people have to have that experience to believe. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it and I believe. I watch some of this stuff (yeah I’m curious that’s not a sin) and I know that there is dark, cold evil in many. In fact, in most. I don’t profess to be judge or jury in any way. Not my place. It came to me in a dream that for whatsoever means we use to judge others will be the same means in which we are judged. When you think how judge mental we are, it’s frightening to think we will be judged by the same small minded, self righteous standards. Peace bro.

        2. Guys, I’m from Egypt as I’m musilm but Islam NEVER doing it, but maybe most of Maxicans are Musilms but they are not musilms, I’m sure from it.
          If you hate what in the video then you have to instult their country not their religions, thank you.

      1. Its real i assure you, you can see the major vains and arteries in sequence as he cuts off the head, quite an art really. And as nasty as it is- it is real.

      2. Of course it’s real. This is the ugly truth behind the marijuana/cocaine/heroin trade your dealer doesn’t want you to know about. This is what Mexican drug cartels do to people…and not only one another, but also to completely innocent people.

    2. What do you mean the wife? I’d like to know the story behind this. Did the victim have a wife and she just didn’t care he was being tortured so she listened to music instead? I’d like to know.

  2. Death should have its limits, just from the point of view of one human being to another. For whatever your reasons for judgement on ending a life, nobody on earth deserves to die in this way. If you feel a person has forfeited there rights to live, have mercy and do it quick.

        1. Yeah there all in the caveman days taking blood because they know not how to speak, using religion as a guideline, what a crock of shit they follow a book, because they can’t think for themselves they need to be told how to live because they are stupid, disgusting smelly people

  3. This video should be mandatory viewing for anyone who thinks more gun control in America is a good thing. I don’t know who these people are or where in the Americas they reside, but they are definitely too close for my comfort. I have absolutely no fear of them as long as the second amendment is intact. But if Hillary thinks I’m going to wrestle with the likes of these cabrons without the same tools her bodyguards have, she’s silly.

    1. Amen dude, I’ve had about all I can take for a while after this one. Just the audio alone got me all shook up and unsettled. Idk if If I’ll sleep peacefully tonight to be totally honest. Nobody will take my right to defend myself

    2. This video needs to be shown in all USA Schools to Liberal Moron teachers/profs brainwashing kids into thinking NO Wall in Necessary.
      I’m sorry, these people are sub Human 82 IQ Chimps.

      1. These psychos dont need to enter to your country cause theyre living pretty damn well in their home countries due to all the exploits they get from their crimes. The people who illegally cross your countries are the people who are being the victims of these psychos. I would tell you to stop stereotyping but you guys are the biggest stereotype ever, American and ignorant!

        1. Well said, the real Mexican is a hard-working person with greay family values. I have lived in Mexico (Jalisco) for many years and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life or anything else. Of course you see it on the news sometimes, but the thing is that the people who do this kind of stuff do it to their enemies (other cartels) not to regular people. But the “typical” idiotic american, such as this guy from the previous comment seem to do no research or investigate for themselves. It’s like a European saying “Keep Americans out! They will shoot our schools and make our kids fat” now that sounds stupid right? Well that’s how you people sound like when you say Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers.

    3. The real issue here is the illicit marijuana/cocaine/heroin trade. When you purchase street drugs, this is precisely what you’re supporting and these are the individuals you’re enabling.

    1. This shouldn’t speak for all Mexicans not everyone is like these sick demented people. Thats like judging every white person for the acts of white school shooters. You wouldn’t like that would you?

    2. The only way to stop this type of behavior is for Americans to stop buying marijuana off the street from sources you don’t know personally. This is what you’re supporting when you purchase illicit drugs…even weed.

  4. A message to the killers reading this. If you try and bring that shit to America we will bury you. We don’t fear you and we will kill all of you. Think your tough badasses??????? Bring it bitches we ain’t scared punks

    1. Vngnce you just express yourself the way you doing it cause you’re safe where you’re at but God forbid you find yourself in the hands of this demented Mexican fucks cause seriously dude they would do something similar as this video to you. And the worst part is that they wouldn’t even bother burying you!!

    2. Chill out pussies this guy most likely killed and tortured himself for a rival cartel they don’t do it for pleasure like white serial killers do raping kids and necrophilia this is about money and turf not a random act don’t be stupid man seriously

      1. No! Not normal at all. Investigate first then give your opinion. If you understood Spanish you’d know they told him be chose the wrong “side” most likely a cartel.

        1. Are you dumbasses seriously on this site seeking out gore/torture/violence etc, and preaching at the same time?lol ……. Fucking turds aren’t even following your own rules. I dreamt that Bill Gates is my Dad. Guess that’s proof that he is.

  5. I can’t imagine what this guy could have done to deserve this treatment. Absolutely cold-blooded murders, absolutely no limits. Just imagine they peeling his face off, popping and poking his eyes while he is totally conscious… The desperate screams, drowning in his own blood, beeing cut alive… Surely the most brutal video I’ve ever seen.

    1. I agree. The level of pain would be immense. No hands either. These b*stards are beyond mad to carry this out and laugh. Liked the guitar in the background though.

  6. these fukin cowards ……….all good courageous ppl of our world need to fight against these cowards ….these nobodys have no right to inhabit our world,,,get rid of them

  7. This is probably the worst gore vid I’ve ever seen.

    There’s a reason browns/blacks never built civilizations beyond their current hell holes, and it has to do with overwhelmingly low IQ’s.

    1. its because of western civilizations stunting growth. Where i come from, India, somehow we have recovered from the damage done to us by the brits (i don’t have anything against them, just saying) and we’re doing pretty darn well whether you like it or not :). almost Asia’s next superpower mate. (mind you, we are brown skinned and don’t give a damn!)

      1. And look what you are doing to your brothers and sisters of a lower “cast”. You people are definitely not better than the British assholes. The only different is that you are brown assholes emerging from the shit.

    2. What color is your weed guy? Don’t pretend like you don’t play a part or that you’re not a cog in this machine. If you do any sort of street drug, EVEN WEED, and don’t know where it’s produced, this is who and what you’re supporting.

  8. Bad shit the worse ihave ever seen poor guy ran into cunts like this beforw in glasgow scotland brugs are bad here so hope none of the crazyheads see this from were iam but dont think been bad as this one you would get done right in if you pissed them off and bunp themof there coke they would slash you or stad you

  9. Saw this in the academy. I was sick for a week over this shit. It reminds me why I chose law enforcement. These animals need to be brought to justice. Nothing this man could’ve done makes him worthy of that. Sick..

  10. Poor bastard. Nobody deserves that no matter what they have done.
    We really haven’t come far as a species have we?
    Im with Ripley (Alien); ” I’m not sure who’s worse, us or them. You don’t see them fucking each other over for a percentage do you?
    And the worst thing?- we didn’t even see him getting his face peeled.
    Wow. That’s one sentence I never thought I would be typing.

  11. I’m clueless to what this Tortured Sum bitch did, But I’m pretty sure they didn’t pick his name out of a Hat. ….. Face cut off, No eyes nor hands. But the cutting the neck and allowing him to Gurgle on his blood while holding his tongue down with a stick was very barbaric. ….. This is the most VIOLENT video yet. …… It was a little fucked up to toss him a shirt as to feeling sorry for him to wipe the blood away with his STOMPS where his hands used to be. ….. These Fucktards get the coveted GORESOME BEST GORE AWARD for the year.

    1. I see you can’t help yourself going back to this video, like a kid in a candy store! I go back sometimes myself. The guy is a fighter though how he bit onto the box cutter blade as they stuck it in his mouth to try to stop it from going down his throat. Also what is creepy is the guy looks like he may be white, and the rock music channels maybe in the U.S. I know loosing blood will make you pale, and all music is world wide now, but it is very very possible!! Maybe a sign of what will happen to us in the U.S and Europe in the future and maybe even now!

      1. Well Rosar. My Neighbor was a Bad boy and he finally got his life in order. ….. He said the YOUNG BOYS are taking over the prisons and there’s NO RESPECT. He said the guards don’t even stay in the dorms but in the BOOTHS and if something breaks out they call the ” GOON SQUAD ” to break it up. Which can take up to 5 minutes. …. Uhhhh someone can die in 5 minutes. People die EVERYDAY in American prisons. ….. I just don’t know if they will get this barbaric.

      2. These assholes could care less about what white folks in the US are up to (as long as they continue buying their drugs). They do this to one another, the drug cartels. And provided that NO human being deserves to die this way, the poor guy probably isn’t a saint if they’re putting him through all of this hell before finally turning out the lights. He’s probably done the same or worse to others in his illustrious career as a member of a drug cartel.

  12. 영어 못해서 한국말로 남긴다. -후기-
    일단 고문하는거 보면 굉장히 능숙하다.
    고문수위를 따지자면 하 중 상 중에서 중에서 상사이 정도 되는듯. 손이 잘리고 형체를 알아볼수 없을 정도로 얼굴을 갈겨놓고 목에다가 계속 커터칼로 긋는데 계속 고통하며 살아있는 모습이 매우 인상적이다.

  13. This is reality, this is what the world is like, not just us humans, the world is created in a very evil way, like when a lion kills a buffallo, without empathizing with the victim.
    You all are quite shocked, but think about it, this is what we do to other species, daily, without feeling any regrets.
    Go vegan and fight against the evil.


  14. Mexicans are the sickest fucking people on Earth – we need to nuke that entire fucking country until it looks like a kitty litter box and then find every fucking Mexican that’s left on earth and castrate them so they can’t fucking reproduce.

  15. I can’t wrap my head around the guy putting his arms up to protect his throat.. at that point I think death would be welcome but nope, he’s rolling over, covering his.. uhh.. skull with his stumps, even bites down on the razor blade, maybe trying to take it away somehow.. insanity. Unprecedented brutality.

  16. Yeah … I’m in awe. That this person is not only still alive, but able to move, is incredible. This one takes the cake. Regardless of his crime or attempted or assumed sins … God bless him.

  17. He died in EXACTLY the same way that unborn babies die in abortions in the U.S.A. Any feminist bitch that aborts her baby will have this done to her in hell by demons for eternity.

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