Brutal Beheading of Man with Peeled Face

Brutal Beheading of Man with Peeled Face
Brutal Beheading of Man with Peeled Face

Video of extremely brutal beheading of a man with face peeled off and hands cut off. The poor sob struggles,as killers cut into his throat with a curved blade.

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    1. This has got to be the proof how low a so called human being an go…i dont care what this man had done….but no body deserves this kind or amount of cruelty…..totally unhuman….any wonder why people are scared if this is life out there eh….if it was me….id obliterate the human race….so vile and cruel.

  1. Yes this sucks. I’m Mexican but I’m afraid I’m ashamed from my country. I’m a father, have a family, I’m a physical education teacher with bachelor’s degree, and English teacher the weekends. And I live pretty miserably… The pay here sucks, even with your academic career, the pay is too underwhelming… I can’t buy a house, I don’t have a car, I just work to live. If that’s not enough, we need to be on the lookout everyday, every hour, for these kind of scum. Robberies, kidnappings, murders, etc. Are something that here is seen more and more every year. It’s just sad. I have been a good citizen, pay my bills, don’t bother anyone, and still, quality of life is just awful.

    I’m Mexican but I agree with you, I mean, there are killers and crazy people everywhere, but here, in Mexico, the government has done a UNIQUE AND POWERFUL job in getting people onto ignorance, soccer, and drinking, so, if there is injustice, violence and crimes, they don’t care, as long as they can watch soccer and drink some beers. Something like this should be like, the edge of sanity, but here it’s, now, just a gory video.

    God bless us all. Take care and let’s enjoy this life to it’s fullest while we can.

  2. Jesus. I was just praying for this poor fucker to die and be out of his misery. I’m sure, beyond a certain point, the pain becomes too much and your mind just goes. At least, I hope to fucking God that’s the case.

    1. SINGLE WORST THING I’ve ever seen. Really. Not ‘seen’ as in presented to me by my iPhone screen; but ‘seen’ as in THE SINGLE most horrific murder I’ve ever seen… EVER… with my eyes! I found my self reflexively praying to god for it (primarily the gurgling and gasping)to end. ALL WHILE I steadfastly have NO INKLING OF A BELIEF IN GOD. THE moaning/gurgling slow decapitation of that female comes in 2nd. THIS one is in 1st.

  3. These people are completely vile. How the fuck do they sleep at night? Is this really how drug gangs get their kicks? FFS, if you’re going to kill someone, just kill them but don’t torture them. This seriously isn’t normal behaviour. I hope karma catches up with these wasters. Regardless of any wrong doing, no one deserves to be put through this ordeal. This world is seriously fucked.

  4. “Sweet Child of Mine” and “Funky Town” have never been the same since I first saw this video. Dude must’ve really fucked up. Some say they wouldn’t do this to their worst enemy, but I know of one douchebag I would take pleasure into doing this to, and more. Don’t kill my cat asshole.

  5. That time you were beheaded to a Guns ‘n’ Roses song. This poor fucker. Jesus. Just know that when you purchase illicit drugs off of the street, this is what you’re supporting and enabling. And yes, even marijuana. Especially marijuana!

  6. Want to hear something real sad? I digged some stuff up and it’s possible that this dude was just a regular taxi driver. They peeled his face so they can claim the bounty on someones head they supposed to kill. They do this often, cause drugs are expensive. At least its said that it feels good when they skin you cause the body cant handle the shock and it confuses the brain to feel good and feel the freedom of not having a skin. Poor bastard.

  7. i would die to know what that poor bastard have done .. this video is the worst thing i have ever seen it caused me nightmares but i dont know why i keep seeing it

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