Video of Cannibalism in Venezuelan Prison

Video of Cannibalism in Venezuelan Prison
Video of Cannibalism in Venezuelan Prison

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Comes to light a video where different inmates subjected to other prisoners, and forced to eat the body of another deprived of liberty, who in the video shows that even still alive.

Already it has been done everyday in Venezuelan prisons degree of depravity and sadism among inmates.

Similarly, we do not know if it’s a grudge match or message to their enemies who are being held in different prison systems, to demonstrate the power they have them still being detained.

In recent days, relatives of inmates at the detention center of Tachira, reported cannibalism Dorangel Vargas nicknamed “Come People”. Similarly these internal published by social networks because they have cell phones in prisons, as did the other prisoners quartered inmates and their parts are eaten.

This is just a sample of what is experienced daily in Venezuelan prisons, belying the statements of the minister for prison affairs Iris Valera, who said in public media belonging to the Venezuelan state, which in Venezuelan prisons have become “systems peace”

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