Boy Shot and Run Over with Tank in Mosul

Boy Shot and Run Over with Tank in Mosul
Boy Shot and Run Over with Tank in Mosul

Video from Mosul in Iraq depicts what appears to be Iraqi army shooting and running over a boy with a tank.

19 thoughts on “Boy Shot and Run Over with Tank in Mosul”

  1. Might be a child of isis..
    I m sorry to be seem like that..
    But we allready saw 8 or more years old killing others that belong to isis, and they will grow to be murderers..wust have no future for them..

  2. I now understand why God had to create a Hell. There’s comfort in knowing that there’s plenty of room in Hell for animals such as the ones in the video. Shooting and running over a little boy. What pussies they are. Fuck them and their horse sucking mothers.

  3. Don’t bring God into this. Men can be animals especially when their beliefs open the door to the lowest beastial natures. Do not be too hard on the Iraqi chaps. I know some wonderful family guys who are upstanding citizens in America who on an occasion or two did this same sort of atrocity to “The Enemy” . The enemy is the bastard that given a chance will kill you in the sickest of ways. So…do not give them a chance. Torture and other evils are readily available to both sides. Hey…don’t judge the victors. That is a rule of war. Try being sleepless for 4 weeks…amped up on who knows what… excited when you actually “Get Some!” and then as a group (pack of vicious killing machine…AKA Soldiers) you gleefully have some sport. If a couple of your brothers bit it and or have been handicapped by the enemy…then all this mounting stress plays out in some interesting and intertaining ways. Simple…War is horribly Simple….after all.

    1. Remember that time you got real butthurt about a video of some little isis shit getting dirt napped…. on a site that is specifically for viewing those types of things. That you not only looked for, but clicked to watch….I bet you get mad at your hands when you jerk off.

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