Police Brutality in El Centro, California

Police Brutality in El Centro, California
Police Brutality in El Centro, California

Video from El Centro in California, USA, shows the police violently arresting a man, surrounding him, getting him on the ground, allowing the dog to bite all over him, and beating him up.

10 thoughts on “Police Brutality in El Centro, California”

    1. Why do those beatiful people just kill you all? I wish Cops and FBI along with the Armed Forces just started a purge day on all Americans that would have been a great thing to watch!

  1. Yeah, it looks like unprofessional conduct. But, I give the cops the benefit of the doubt because we do not know what came before the violent take down. The whole scene looks like the cops are acting out of pent up fear and anger
    and are releasing it on the victim.

    Also, note that the canine unit is involved. To me, this suggests something special about the case.

  2. What a bunch of stupid fucking pigs. Fucking cops shoot yourselfs in the dick and then your asshole. Fuck cops. Hope i see videos of them getting shot or whatever needs to be done to stop them from living.

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