Brazilian Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison

Brazilian Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison
Brazilian Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison

Video from Brazilian prison in Barreiras, in the state of Bahia, shows inmates brutally beheading another inmate, to send a message to a judge.

14 thoughts on “Brazilian Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison”

    1. Uhmm the point here is savagery. These guys know quite well that there are easier methods to decapitate a head from a body but they purposely are using blunt objects in order to humiliate, desecrate and defile the victim’s body in the worst possible way. This is humanity’s lowest point on steroid. On top of the ruthless bashing, they are actually still “talking” to him–in a sense–demoralizing him through insults as if he was still alive and kicking. They even laugh and rejoice as if they just playing a good poker game. Their hate seeps something cruel and relentless; this must be evil if I ever have seen any.

    1. Here, in Brazil, jail works that way. Is a industry, which make animals and monsters. Here, the rules is different to the rest of the world. Here, is the house of the devil.

    1. It’s not a bladed weopon, looks more like a pole or rod of some sort. These guys are in prison where it can be difficult to obtain a knife, remember. Also, the way he grasps it with both hands at one point while he jabs, should indicate that there is no sharp edge. These guys were improvising.

  1. .. such brutal unbelievably sick people…this is what I would call real terrorism… no wonder why south Americans killed 50 millions of south Red Indian…hope you all burn in hell.

    1. Come on, not everybody here is animals. We have many good people. We have many good places. We have the most beautiful womens and the best way to make sexual turism. Come to Brazil, here, you will be safe.

  2. Well, if there’s any consolation, the actions in the video were post-mortem. The skull appeared to be smashed into smithereens; making it look vaguely like an old bag of marbles.

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