Brazilian Inmate Grabs Woman Delivering Food by Hair

Brazilian Inmate Grabs Woman Delivering Food by Hair
Brazilian Inmate Grabs Woman Delivering Food by Hair

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This Sunday, July 27, the federal deputy Major Olimpio, elected by the Solidarity of São Paulo, published on his official Facebook page a video that shows how the reality is in Brazilian prisons. Content quickly hit tens of thousands of views. The images start with a jailer coming in from outside a rather messy scene. He arrives with warmth, doing his job, as well as a charity to the men who were there. The episode was shot by security cameras. The fact is recorded on October 7, around four in the afternoon.

The woman starts by putting the little tops on the floor, taking some safety measures. However, one of them is impossible to be reached by the prisoner. He asks her to approach her, for she would be very hungry. Sensitized, but at the same time doing her work, the girl goes down and then everything happens. One of the men pulls her hair. The others, instead of trying to help the woman, on the contrary, try to mistreat her even more. At least three men try to tear her hair out, which falls to the floor.

Another jailer, who was nearby, approached. She uses a language that worked best with bad guys. The woman points a gun at those inside the jail, and only then do they release the victim. “These are the” little angels “full of rights and that some defend … If the agents do not flee lightly, would they be alive?” Wrote Major Olimpio in the social networks next to the video that generated a great online debate. “In my opinion the one who committed this nonsense spent a month eating only once a day without sunbathing and a few more things,” said one of the netizens after watching the images.

See below the video that shows when the woman is attacked by the prisoners. Attention, the images are strong. We remind you that this is a common scenario for our chains. What do you think should be done to change that? Comment and share this story with your friends.

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    1. Exactly what I was thinking.

      “Hey, guys! The next time food enters your cell will be when the guy who grabbed my hair has stopped breathing permanently.”

      Wonder how long he woulda survived after that…

  1. The Menu for the rest of the month would be. …… Your choice. ….. A Human Club Shit sandwich. Barbecue horse shit. Minced Cow shit with Vomit Dumpling followed by their favorite beverage. …. A well-blended Smoothie of Feces & Urine flavored lemonade. ….. Fuck these RATS. They just don’t want to be human.

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