Aftermath of Deadly Plane Crash in Manaus, Brazil

Aftermath of Deadly Plane Crash in Manaus, Brazil
Aftermath of Deadly Plane Crash in Manaus, Brazil

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Novo Aripuanã’s elected mayor, Jocione Souza (PSDB), says he had to cancel the trip to the city on the eve of the accident and gave up boarding the plane that fell in a forest area in the Center-South Zone of Manaus, (7). “I’m very surprised,” he said.

Souza says that he has made several trips between Manaus and Novo Aripuanã, a municipality 227 km from the capital of Amazonas. The air route lasts less than an hour. “I travel a lot, a lot in this area, Manaus-Novo Aripuanã, in that company there, a trip lasts about 50 minutes, I never had a problem, I’m very surprised, the company is very zealous and very careful,” he says.

Postponement of boarding on the flight occurred on Tuesday (6). Silva was to travel on the Embraer 721D, PT-REI, which took off at 7:45 am from the Manaus Aeroclube and fell minutes later in the Union neighborhood. Five people died in the accident. A man was taken alive to the Hospital Pronto-Socorro 28 de Agosto.

“It was scheduled to travel on that day [Wednesday], but I gave up a day earlier.” “I was resolving a situation and I was waiting for a decision.

The politician also lamented what had happened. “I am very thoughtful and thankful to God.” Sometimes things do not happen when we want to and we even complain about it, it is God who acts, and we ask God for the comfort of families and that God receives these souls in his Kingdom”.


A small aircraft crashed into a forest area in the Union neighborhood, in the Center-South Zone of Manaus, on Wednesday morning (7). There was an explosion and five people died in the crash around 8am. Among the dead is a child. The information was confirmed by the Fire Department. The causes of the accident are still unknown.

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  1. Well that did turn out tragic. I didn’t realize several people died. I have been skimming along instead of reading.

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