Alleged Rape Attempt Filmed on Video in Algeria

Alleged Rape Attempt Filmed on Video in Algeria
Alleged Rape Attempt Filmed on Video in Algeria

Video from Algeria depicts an alleged rape attempt. Whatever it was, it was pretty pathetic. Guy needs to learn how to keep bitches in line.

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          1. Actually I understood and the lady recording was instigating the situation telling the man to keep going and undress her

      1. You agree huh, I just saw a man’s head get butchered by a machete, body probed with a knife all while he had to listen to one of the most shittiest songs I ever heard as the last song he’ll ever hear while everybody just stood around and watched, in prison no less. I hear nothing but crickets from both you girls on that post. How is it that that man wasn’t just as much or more violated than a woman victim of rape? yet, I see no passionate name calling on that post from you two. I see Marks point about women and their defenders. Woman have no one else to blame but themselves when the knight rides on by and keeps riding when he passes the damsel in distress, I get it!

    1. You’re kidding, right?
      If your eyes are willingly open to other destructive tendencies of the world.. how is an act of an “alleged” attempt of rape considered the lowest of the low?
      Unsure of the things you expect to see here.

    2. The disgusting human being isn’t Mark, it’s the man attempting rape and the person filming it. As horrible as it is, take it as a reminder that this is not the Utopian world that most would have you to believe it is. That very real treats lurk to take they’re opportunity just as soon as one lets her or his guard down. The video above as with every video on this site and its mother site serve as a true public service, these videos no matter how graphic, make you more conscious of your surroundings while riding a motorcycle or driving your car; who you date, marry or chose to surround yourself with; not to screw around in certain places in the world or even bother visiting them but most importantly, to remind you to trust your gut because anything can happen at any time and your gut is the only thing God gave you that truly looks out for you and the one thing we dismiss and take granted and when we do, that’s how these videos are made. So, you should thank Mark, not ridicule him. I’ll thank him for you…. Thanks Mark for having the balls to show us reality as it truly is so, I am be more aware of potential threats and mistakes that can lead to death or an miserable existence. – Deathknell

      1. I was following until you mentioned the magic sky daddy…
        Oh, and your flawed logic doesn’t stop there. “Thanks Mark for having the balls to show us reality as it truly is.”– If there weren’t people like Mark, that wouldn’t be reality. So you absolutely should discourage it, not encourage it. This is a classic example of victim blaming. Mindlessly discarding the assailant’s actions and blaming the victim for not making better choices. That is the exact reason this continues to be our reality, so thanks deathnknell for showing us the inherent stupidity of human kind.

    1. that animal has nothing to do with islam, mr simon go read about how islam treat women.Those kind of wild animals give the world a wrong idea about islam and a bad image of muslims.

      1. Bullshit, you guys marry 7 year olds, have multiple wives and think its ok to rape your enemies. Islam is bigotry, ignorance and intolerance masking itself as divine.

        1. Don’t you have any raping case in your country?, I bet your country is one of the first countries in the world with heighest average of raping.
          The Islamic countries have the lowest average of raping you can check the statics.
          And do you know that:
          – The Bible’s Prophets, and even Roman Emperors married girls as young as 8!
          – Mary got pregnant between the ages of 11 and 14.
          – Joseph was as old as 99 when he married Mary when she was in the age range above.
          – The minimum age for marriage in the US-State of Delaware in year 1880 was 7
          – According to the Jewish Talmud, Prophet Moses and his followers had sex with girls as young as 3 years old.
          And if you are atheist who said that marrying a young girl is worng?

          1. Soheib”
            That may of been true in the biblical days. It’s now 2017. Now..most evolved humans believe that it’s not ok to have sex with any child.

          2. hey…hey…..what are you..r u in ur senses,,,,dnt dare talk about the word of god whatever form ,,or book ur refering to …..dont dare present ur incomplete mixed up muddled knowledge ,,twisted ideas and concepts about the creator …..u just wana prove a point here…but dnt dare twist gods rules..or his standards for human conduct ..his truths …etc…..for your own gain….grow up……u gotta go thru painful examination and study of the WORD……before your eyes can be opened ok……..dnt dARE JUSTIFY UR BASE DESIRES AND SEXUAL ADICTIONs by twisting gods careful in future

          3. Hey, Soheib, Muslim countries actually have by far the highest amount of rapes. They have a low number of REPORTED RAPES because it takes like 4 Whitnesses to report it! Not to mention all the goats that get raped that no one reports.

          4. There are several flaws in your argument. However, I’m only going to refer to the most glaringly obvious one….
            None of that bullshit happened in the first place, so don’t attempt to use fictional folk stories to prop up your nonsense. The age at which Mary first became pregnant? Well that was the immaculate conception wasn’t it, so technically she didn’t drop her panties for the big man upstairs while old Cuckold Joe was in the corner whacking himself off. Speaking of Joseph, if he was 99 when he got with 14 year old Mary then we should all immediately bow down to this legendary lothario. Obviously I’m joking about that but I’m tired of you religious IDIOTS who are so in a rush to cast judgement on everyone just to make yourself feel like you’re on the right path to eternal life, that you completely leave yourself open for hilarious criticism.

    2. am i the only one to point out that the word scum and Muslim do not share the same letters!? that was the entire point being made and it’s totally not even correct grammatically! lol

  1. I really don’t think some of you guys are getting Mark’s sense of humor…. I’m a LONG TIME lurker on Best Gore (since before Mark got sodumized by Canada).. I have always just enjoyed reading other people’s comments, without feeling the need to chime in w my own 2cents.. But,,, I think in this situation, it is called for. Mark, along with many of us on Best Gore and here, have a different type of twisted,demented,off-hand,non-filtered type of sense of humor… I can really say with all honesty, I DO NOT believe that Mark would condone in any man raping a woman, n vica versa… Some people just take shit too seriously n NOT logically!! I think if you actually watch the video, the “man”, or “male” would be better fit for this FV, is clearly just trying to humiliate this woman.. He is in NO way, trying to rape her..

    1. Exposing privileged feminists who can’t stand equality, and pussy whipped mangina cucks who white knight for the bitches in the vain hope of getting laid has always been my forte 😉

    2. your right @vanillagorilla, i enjoy, the Vids, and the humour in the posts ithink some dont know weather he’s kiddn or not.., I’m not one to judge.., I’ve had it easy with women my whole life., so I don’t know the flip side of things. So I agree keep up the good work Mark, Love the site.

    1. For you information Arabs taught European how to clean themselves with soap and take a shower, in the medieval time it was a sin to take a shower in Europe, even now when you poop you don’t clean yourself with water you just wipe your butthole with paper.

      1. hey is that the only thing u can take pride in……i mean u take pride in the fact tht u invented the way humans shud care for personal hygene…grow up………..gods word brings a billion times more change in a person than that………….aaaaaaaahahahahahahha…….who are you…….a nobody……..

  2. you all got it wrong .. what happened is the women who records say’s what the guy to do ” take her clothes off .. don’t let her goo .. i want to see her face ”
    so basically it was a set up to record the video for this ancient girl

  3. this jerk has nothing to do with every muslim state and arabic state .raping or raping attempt is illegal in law and in the islam.don’t judge the whole islam or the whole arabs because you saw that.remember that it happens in your own country

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